Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sleep & Dream!!!

" I'm so tensed... "
No Idea, No Progress..
Floor plan tak settle, elevation masih diawang-awang, section?? tekerat tah kemana
Kenapalah tak boleh nak khatam 'Neufert Architect Data' tu Tasya,
yg basic je...basic jadilah..
Kan dah susah nak kira sume benda,
nak kena ulang alik tengok buku,
nak buat Ramp untuk OKU pun susah...

apa nak jadi ni,
dgn mata yg mengantuk, design yg terkendala
isnin da kena ada semua drawing tu
tengah search nak cari idea tuk design,
tetiba terdampar kat 1 blog arkitek ni,
ada bacaan yg menarik dan saya rasa bersetuju dgn apa yg beliau katakan
nak baca tak??


Today I came across a question from a trainee in the firm. 
“Design susah ker Abang?” (Is design difficult bro?). 

I didn’t want to brag, so I simply give a simple answer. “Bolehlah, design kan core subjek archi” (It’s alright, design is a core/main subject in architecture) 
He replied, “Saya rasa susahlah, tak pandai nak design”. 

I was lost for words. I feel sorry for this guy and perhaps this guy reminded me about my colleague who struggled in designs too. Well, you just can’t keep your silence when someone was asking for guidance. 

“Design is easy if you keep your eyes open and think about what you see” I broke the silence.
“Go for a walk at places. When you walk, you will see and experience what we call space. You can’t learn that by just looking at pretty pictures”

“Selalu takder idea la bang” (Usually, I don’t have the idea bro)
“You can go out for a walk, read or just go to SLEEP!” I laugh.
He was amazed “ Tidur? (sleep?)”

“Yes sleep. Many of us designers forgot to have a good sleep. I mean sleep and have dreams too. You must have dreams! Dream about your design. We forget that Idea or Ilham belongs to God and sometimes we try too hard to do it ourselves and forget to ask for help. If you don’t find idea while you’re awake, perhaps God might give you idea while you are dead asleep.”

“Saya selalu tido tak sedar apa2” ( I usually fall asleep without remembering anything) 
“It means you are too tired to dream.” I commented before we finally arrived to the office after the short lunch.

When I come to think about it again at home I’m not sure where I got those words because I haven’t written down my thoughts for quite a while. I’m not sure if it was a right advice at all. Thinking of it again whilst writing this, it seems to have some truth in it, or so I think...
(*Copas dari SINI)

rasa semangat bila baca ni,
mudah-mudahan la idea boleh datang kalau da berehat,
so kepala tak adalah beserabut lagi..
Insya Allah boleh..^-^


Anniesa Sophillea said...

tasya.. hahah kalau dah baca menda nih.. kita fikir lagi bek tido.. heheheh ^^

Anonymous said...

setuju ngn @anniesa sophillea..haha
jom tido!^^

Natasya Alhabsyi said...

i mean berehat tu tido laa,
kn dah dpt ilham dah dr tido td mlm, haha~~
cme nak melakar ilham tu yg susah, wkakaka...:p

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