Thursday, October 25, 2012

I'm Graduated~~



with a BIG SMILE,
i'm happy to announce that finally..
on october 22, 2012
i'm officially GRADUATED,
from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
with Bachelor of Science in Architecture..

Thank you ALLAH, for everything that i have...
without Him, i'm nothing..

I would like to take this oppurtunity to thanks MY FAMILY for keep supporting,
understand, and tolerance with my behavior that always nagging 'membebel' at what u r doing,
(i'm doing that because i care about u)
Thanks...ummi, abah, n adek..
Luv u..<3>
a bouquet flower with teddy bear from my family..
(the little one bear from erin, thanks erk...;)

Thanks to my lecturers, my friends, my juniors n seniors from 'Jabatan Seni Bina' for celebrate our convocation day with a BBQ party, n attended our big day at DECTAR..
thanks alot for the flower bouquet, the congratulation card, the chocolate n the book...
thanks everyone...

this sunflower bouquet n congratz card from all my junior n senior in JSB.. :)
 this chocolate n  handkerchief from my friend (same batch), putri hafizatul...thanks alot put...:)
 this book from our lecturers>>contains our final works at last semester..
 this is from my junior (same country,aha) tito maulana...thank u ya to...:)
 this is from feby..(my junior also from Indonesia), thanks y feb,sbb sudi tumpangkan bilik jg..hehe..
 this one from 'lelaki malaya terakhir' in my batch,haha...tq zikri...tq somuch...:)
this cute one from hazrina erin, (close up version,haha) thanks erk..;)
and this 'cenderahati' dari pihak UKM...
thanks to my universiti,sbb sudi terima saya belajar kat sini, hehe...:)
name saye ad kat page 78 dlm buku biru yg tebal tu..;D

OK, thats it...thanks to everyone yg turut mendoakan kejayaan n keberhasilan saya..
baik dari jauh maupun dari dekat,
baik terucap maupun tidak...
apa-apa pun, thanks banyak2x...
Jazakallah khairan khatsira...

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