Friday, December 3, 2010

Quiz about Me

Berhubung ada tag about me dari erin yg belum dibuat,
so..saya memutuskan menjelaskan tentang saya melalui quiz personaliti yg terdapat di Quizilla..
saya hanya memberi komentar dari hasil quiz tersebut, haha..

1. Your the type of girl that enjoys a good book rather than going to a party or hanging out with friends. (eem..sebenarnya ikut mood juga seh) Your calm (Yes!i'm calm, haha..) and collected and a bit shy when it comes to the opposite sex.(Sure..) But your very loyal and responsible(: (thanks,hee..)

2. You're most likely goth/emo (what??sorry i think i'm not..). You seem more of a sad goth or emo though.(i'm happy, ok..) You're favorite color is most likely black, grey, or red.(Black OK, grey bisa diterima, Red NO) You probably try to push people away.(beneran neh??) You easily get sad and/or mad.(maybe yes, maybe no) You have friends but either not alot or you only have a few very close friends.(yupz..benar)

3. You work hard and love to get good grades becauz it motivates you.(haha, it's not me) teachers love you and you parents are very proud of u.(of course) good grades are nice so keep doing it! (doakan yah..)

4. You handle things in the way that they need to be handle.(eem, is it right?) You let things go when they need to be and address things that needs to be addressed.( i hope..) You've found a happy medium. (owh ok..)

5. You are the most sad of the elements,(what?) you feel like no one is there for you and like no one cares anyways.(sometimes yes) When an obstacle is in your path you break down and cry or hurt yourself, you only let yourself feel one emotion and that is usually hate, anger, or fear, or you just hide away all emotions all together.(maybe yes) You push yourself into the corner of the room all the time hoping you will not be seen.(invisible, can i?) I myself hope you will try and break yourself of this if this is all true. I wish you great luck! (tq somuch..)

6. Your eyes show your hiding more then you let on,(is it..=/) the scars life has left you may never go away,(no..) but they will heal with time.

7. You sport nice clear nails.(?? ga lah..) You are confident in what you got, but just want to spruce it up a bit,(memang seharusnya =p) and make those nails shine. You are this way in your personality as well.(yupz..yupz..) You are sweet, kind, loving, but know how to have fun!(haha, it's's me,=) You are extremely confident in who you are, and won't let anyone change it.(hoho..i'm that confident?) You put a smile on your face, and you are good to go!(always smile..=D


Rifki Fauzi said...

hallo teman,

saya mau minta tolong nich... Boleh nggak..???
Begini...saya kan sekarang sedang mengikuti sebuah kompetisi blog.
Nah, saya butuh support dari teman agar bisa menang,
untuk memberikan komentar pada artikel saya di :


salam teman blog,
Rifki Fauzi

Adi Chimenk said...

wah, kamus Inggris-Indonesia saya dimana ya tadi..

yang ada kok kamus Jerman-Indonesia seh..*bletak*

hehehe, nais posting neng..:)

Hazrina Erin said...

ada yang betul..ade yg tak betul gak..hehehe :P

Natasya Alhabsyi said...

Rifki>> ok, udah di komen tuh artikelnya..=)

adhie>> naah loh, zaman mah uda canggih kok msh nyari kamus, xixixi, kn ad mbah google translate, hehe..
tq mas..=D

erin>> yelah, quiz yg bt mestila dy merpek siket, haha,,.

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