Friday, October 29, 2010

What I feel

What I feel right now?
it's difficult to explain, even my self not sure what i thinking about..
I just something burning in my heart,
and it's so hurt..
something that i don't understand how to handle it..
Sometimes i wanna run, far away..
but...i can't...
i keep thinking about it..
what should i do?

I read some translation part in lyric "you're beautiful ost" that i think can represent my feeling..
All the song I like,
how sad..

What should I do? What should I do? You’re leaving
What should I do? What should I do? You’re leaving me
I love you, I love you, I cry out to you
But you can’t hear me, because I am only shouting in my heart...

~ What Should I Do-Jang Geun Suk ~

Why does it hurt so much?
Why does it hurt continuously?
Except for the fact that I can’t see you anymore, and that you’re not here anymore...

~ Without words-Park Shin Hye ~

Even if you don’t look at me
Even if I say it a thousand times, you don’t know
Even if I wait at the same spot, you don’t know
My foolish love that simply looks at you like an idiot
You don’t know, No matter what...

~ My Heart Is Cursing-Kim Dong Wook ~

Without a word, tears starts falling down
Without a word, my heart is broken
Without a word, I waited for love
Without a word, love hurts me..

~ Without words-Park Shin Hye ~

I didn’t think it was love, I told myself it wasn’t love
I deceived myself, but my heart kept calling your name
I take one step towards you, push you one step away
Each time, you grow in my heart...

~ As Ever-A.N.Jell ~

I hope, i will be better soon..
Insya Allah..
Sorry for being weak and 'Jiwang'..
sorry if i'm too exagerate in expressing my feeling,
Ya Allah, please forgive me..
Make me strong and able to accept your decision..
Make me love someone just because I love you..


Nicha E-cha said...

im in pain tasya...this song reallu represent me

eRiN said...

tasya..tabah la menghadapi dugaan n cbaran..kita yakin tasya kuat..aja aja fighting!!~

Natasya Alhabsyi said...

nicha: jiayo nisa, we can do it.. we must strong n find our way..

erin: tq, haha..kte jd jiwang plk la erin, huhu...

Anonymous said...

dont be so sad....
it noting wrong if we expressing our feeling....

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